I am a Computer Scientist at King’s College London & a NASA Globe STEM scientist. My current research focuses on Deep-Learning and Natural-Language Processing (healthcare domain) in form of the RobotReviewer project.

I have previously worked in areas such as Human-Computer Interaction, Cyber-Security and Real-Time Systems in cooperation with the German Police Force, GCHQ, Rapita Systems, INRIA, Barcelona Supercomputing Center & Airbus. I also served as a lead organizer of NASA Space Apps challenges and worked on AI projects with the National Space Society as well as law enforcement entities.

I graduated from the Deggendorf Institute of Technology in cooperation with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and was awarded with a PhD for my work on reducing transcription errors (numerical and textual) of medical devices under the advisement of Dr. Paul Cairns and Prof. Richard Paige at the University of York.

I am a known R Ninja, currently organising the R User Group at King’s College and most recently joined the NASA Frontier Development Lab as AI researcher.

My research is supported by NVIDIA Corporation.

This website was created in R!