I’ve developed numerous applications for science and industry on multiple platforms. Some are listed below:

Deep Learning

There are several projects currently in development. Those range from NLP to Image data analysis.
Also keep an eye on my Github repositories.


I am part of a hyperledger project that also utilises IBM’s Cloud (former Bluemix) & Softlayer platform.

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Group

While mostly working with Tensorflow and Keras, I am currently exploring and devloping a PyTorch course on classifying Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs).

Google Cloud Platform

Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • B.Braun Number-Entry Interface
  • Serial Number-Entry interface
  • iPad Game - Memorize or Die
  • iPad Game - Bug in a Tube
  • iPhone App - NASA SpaceApps Challenge 2014 York
  • Tensorflow lite - various phone applications
  • IBM cloud - various machine learning phone applications


  • R, Shiny, C++, Python, Java, Flask, Ada, Raspbian, and many more…

You can find most of my public code on Github or Gitlab. Feel free to contact me about specific requests on tools or if you want me to join your research team.