Upcoming Events

- Windsor event -> more news soon<-
- NASA GLOBE Program Machine learning workshop -> more news soon<-
- NASA Space Apps Challenge I’ll help organising this year’s NASA Space Apps -> more news soon<-
- 13th Excellence in Teaching Conference I plan to lead a workshop on modern teaching & research technology -> more news soon<-
- RobotReviewer Day I’ll be heading an outreach event on our project software and its capabilities -> more news soon<-
- Machine Learning for Health Researchers I’ll be leading this workshop at King’s College London -> more news soon<-
- NASA GLOBE STEM Event I’m working on hosting this School event -> more news soon<-

Past Events

King’s College London

University of York

  • NASA SpaceApps York

    Lead Organiser of SpaceApps York - NASA’s global and largest hackathon in the world. Over 90 cities participated in this weekend-event. Established live-links with NASA Tallahassee, and other locations in the world. Over Fifty local students worked in teams on world-class challenges resulting in a finalist in 2015 and a winning team in 2016.

  • York Space Weekend - UK Space Agency’s Schools Conferences

    Represented NASA SpaceApps York and the department of computer science at this fantastic event for school children with UK Astronaut Tim Peake. Presented new technologies and applications for space and science including our winning team’s application Launch Sight to hundreds of youngsters (2016).

  • Next Steps York Program

    Gave programming lectures in games design and programming in Python & Scratch to potential new undergraduate students. The purpose of this event is to provide talented Year 12 students with the opportunity to participate in a programme of activity that will support their application to a research intensive university like the University of York (2016).

  • “I am a scientist get me out of here” Competition (Wellcome Trust)

    Participated in this fantastic event where I could chat with hundreds of school children about science. Made 2nd place in the medical physics zone (2013).

'I am Scientist - get me out of here! certificate' certificate